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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost to hire the Hall?

From 1st January 2020 the Main Hall is £14.00 per hour at all times except after 6pm on Saturdays when the charge is £17.00 per hour. The Small Hall (Chadwick Hall) is £10.00 per hour except after 6pm on Saturdays when the charge is £14.00 per hour. To rent both halls on a Saturday costs £22.20 per hour up to 6pm and £24.50 after that time. These prices are current as at January 2020 but are subject to change without notice. NOTE - From 1st January 2022, the charge for the Main hall increases to £15 per hour, sunday to Friday, and £18 per hour and £15 per hour on Saturdays. Again from January 2022, the cost to rent both halls will be, Sunday to Friday) - £25 and Saturday  - £32.

What is the Damage Waiver?

This is a sum of money paid by cheque to offset the cost should the hirer cause loss or damage to the halls or their contents. The cheque will not be paid into our Bank unless there is loss or damage

How many people can be accommodated in the Halls?

The Main Hall can accommodate 120 people and the Chadwick Hall 50 people although these numbers are not possible if your booking requires all guests to be seated at tables. In this situation we suggest a maximum of 80 guests for the Main hall and 40 for the Chadwick hall. Chairs and tables are sufficient for these numbers

What are the sizes of the halls?

The main hall is 53ft x 23ft (16.15m x 7.01m) including a 7ft (2.13m) stage (useful area is 6ft or 1.82m due to projecting back wall). The stage can be extended by another 6ft (1.82m). Maximum height to underside of lights is 10ft 6in (3.2m) Ceiling height between the roof trusses is 13ft 9" (4.2m)


The Chadwick Hall is 30ft x 23ft.(9.14m x 7.01m). Maximum height 9ft 10" (3.0m)Maximum height 9ft 10" (3.0m)


Do the halls have a kitchen?

Each hall has its own kitchen with a cooker and a water boiler and a refrigerator

Is crockery and cutlery provided?

There are cups and saucers in each kitchen sufficient for the capacity of each hall

There are no plates or cutlery

Can the garden be used?

The garden is available at no extra cost when both halls or the Chadwick Hall is hired.

Hirers of the Main Hall can use the garden if the Chadwick Room is not being used by another hirer

Can a Bouncy Castle be used?

There is room in the garden and the Main Hall but the maximum height for the castle is 10 feet (3.0m). The Chadwick Hall ceiling is too low.


Is there a sound system in the halls?

There is a sound system in the Main Hall. It belongs to Holmer Green Players but they allow hall hirers to use it. For safety, the switch the accesses the equipment and turns it on is housed in a locked metal box sited near the entrance door to the Main Hall. Inside this box is a 3.5mm jack plug of the type that fits into the headphone socket of Apple devices, mobile phones, laptops and many portable CD players. The idea is that this is plugged into the hirers device with the volume controlled by that device. A CD PLAYER IS NOT AVAILABLE BUT YOU CAN USE YOUR OWN IF FITTED WITH A HEADPHONE SOCKET. To access the sound equipment, please give at least one weeks notice (before your booking) by emailing peterhealy@holmergreenplayers.co.uk . We cannot guarantee being able to meet your requirements if this notice is not given!

Can we get into the halls early to set up?

No. The setting up and clearing away time must be included in the overall time hired and paid for

Can we sell alcohol?

Yes. If alcohol is to be sold the hirer must obtain the necessary licence from the Local Authority. Alcohol can be provided free of charge or brought in by guests for their own consumption

What is the latest time that the halls can be used?

Hirers must vacate the halls and car park by 11:00pm

Weekdays and 11:30pm on Saturdays

Is there a projection screen?

Both halls now have a mounted projector and a screen which can be used via the socket box mounted on the wall adjacent to the screen.

What do we do with rubbish?

Rubbish bags are provided in each kitchen and these should be used and left secure in the kitchen.


Is there a hearing loop to aid the hearing of those with deaf aids?

The hearing loop in the main hall is not currently working but we hope to remedy this during Spring 2020. Please email peterhealy@holmergreenvillagehall.org.uk if you wish to use. Instructions on use can be downloaded by clicking on the link at the foot of this page.

Can we hire the halls for teenager parties?

Currently no due to gatecrashers and underage drinking in the past.



Hearing loop instructions
Hearing loop instructions
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