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Conditions of hire

  1. These Conditions of Hire form part of an Agreement between the Holmer Green Village Centre Committee (hereinafter called "The Committee") and the person named as the Applicant on the Hiring Application form overleaf (hereinafter called "The Hirer").
  2. All applications for hire of accommodation must be on the Hiring application form, all copies must be returned signed to the Booking Secretary at the address shown overleaf. One copy of the form will be returned to The Hirer. signed on behalf of Holmer Green Village Centre. as confirmation that the hiring has been or has not been accepted.
  3. To avoid double booking, the full dates and times of the requested hiring must be shown against each category of accommodation.
  4. The time shown under "Time to" in the dates required section will be the time by which the accommodation., including garden and car park. MUST BE CLEARED UP AND VACATED.
  5. The person by whom this form is signed must be 21 years of age or older, shall be deemed to be the hirer and shall be responsible for the observances of these Conditions of Hire and due payment of account.
  6. The Committee reserves the right to refuse any booking and is not obliged to give any reason.
  7. If more than 3 months from the booked date The Hirer has the option to pay the 50% of hire charge leaving the balance to be paid on receipt of an invoice from the Treasurer. Regular users of the hall will be invoiced following the booked event.
  8. The hirer agrees to lodge with the Treasurer such Damage Waiver, which The Committee decides to charge. The damage waiver must be paid as a separate cheque at the time of full or balance payment together with a self addressed envelope. This damage waiver will be returned within 1 month of the booking, provided that no failure to comply with conditions 12.13 and 20 is identified as a result of this booking.
  9. Any licences required by the Copyright Act shall be the responsibility of The Hirer who hereby indemnifies the Committee against any infringement which may occur as a direct result of this booking.
  10. No excisable liquor shall be supplied or sold directly, or indirectly during an event at which a charge is made. unless a n Occasional Licence to cover such sale or supply has been obtained by the Hirer before the event and the Hirer has indicated a desire to sell or supply alcoholic beverages on the Hire Application Form.
  11. The Hirer shall be responsible for maintaining good order and behaviour of persons using the accommodation, including the car park and garden. In the event of failure to comply) with this condition. The Committee reserves the right to terminate the hire at any time.
  12. The Hirer shall ensure that the accommodation is left in a clean and tidy condition and that all rubbish is put in the bags provided in the kitchens. In the event of failure to comply with this condition The Committee reserves the right to recover the cost of rectification from The Hirer and/or to refuse to refund the damage waiver.
  13. The Hirer shall be responsible for any loss or damage to the premises or the equipment therein. The Committee reserves the right to make good any such loss or damage and if any costs are incurred in doing so The Hirer shall be liable to pay them on demand or the cost may be taken from any damage waiver.
  14. The Hirer shall be responsible for keeping all emergency exits and fire fighting equipment accessible. Such equipment must not be removed from its normal position. Tables and/or seating must be arranged to take note of notices on layout and aisle width which are displayed in each hall.
  15. At the end of each hiring The Hirer shall be responsible for ensuring that the building is secure and the final exit door is deadlocked.
  16. Sub letting of the premises is not permitted.
  17. The Hirer shall be responsible for, and will indemnify The Committee against all liability for personal injury
  18. whether fatal or otherwise and all costs and expenses incurred in connection therewith except insofar as the same may be caused by the negligence of The Committee or its employees but which for the hiring would not have arisen.
  19. The Hirer shall be responsible for and will indemnify The Committee against all liability for loss or damage to property. any other loss, damage and costs, however caused, whether by an act of neglect by The Committee or not.
  20. The Committee reserves the right to make a cancellation charge of 25% of the hiring fee where an approved hiring is canceled within 10 weeks of the hire date or 50% of the hiring fee if canceled within 4 weeks of the hiring date.
  21. The Booking Secretary will inform The Hirer where the key may be obtained. The key must be returned immediately after the hiring is finished unless other arrangements have been agreed. The loss or late return may render The Hirer liable for additional charges or loss of the damage waiver
  22. The Hirer shall be responsible for ensuring that all persons using the accommodation adhere to the NO SMOKING policy in the Village Centre.


Hirers must ensure that any electrical equipment brought into the hall meets current safety standards

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